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The Top Cryptocurrency To Invest in 2018

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What are the top cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018? Is Bitcoin still the most sought-after coin? With the emergence of various cryptocurrencies, the market is awash with hundreds of altcoins. Most people across the globe are gradually embracing this fast-paced technology. Some of these digital currencies have a high market capitalization, thus, attracting more investors in trading opportunities.

Many financial institutions are also shifting focus to the crypto world due to the significant public interest in the digital assets. Technology is one of the significant drivers of cryptocurrency which ensures that transactions are secure and legit. Therefore, it is essential to clearly understand what a cryptocurrency is before you decide to invest.

It is a virtual currency that is accessible only in the digital space. Unlike the current money you use, this currency is not tangible. It operates on a decentralized system where there is no central control from a governing body. We shall delve into the best cryptocurrency to invest 2018 comprehensively in giving you insights to help you make practical investments.

Crypto Coins to Invest in 2018

Do you want to capitalize on cryptocurrencies in 2018? Is investing in Gold or Bitcoin the best decision? Well, it is indeed of paramount importance to understand the best cryptos to invest in before putting all your eggs in one basket. Since there is a rapid upsurge of digital currencies, you need to exercise due diligence to protect your investment. It is for this reason that we have a compilation of a few cryptos to invest in that have lucrative prospects.

Different Altcoins

Cryptos to Invest In

  1. Bitcoin

This is the pioneer of all the modern cryptocurrencies. With its domineering popularity, it is seen as the leader in the market because of its high volume trading. Bitcoin has a huge impact on price dynamics, and it usually affects other altcoins directly. For instance, any increase or decrease in its value causes all the other digital currencies to either rise or fall. With its significant market capitalization, you would not want to miss this bandwagon! There is absolutely no doubt that it is still the most trusted and popular crypto across the globe. Its growth is inevitable both now and in the near future. Therefore, it is the best cryptocurrency for 2018.

  1. Gold

This is a crypto coin usually supported by real Gold. One coin equals the value of one gold asset in the market. Numerous companies have already launched this technology while others are still in the process of developing this asset. Some of the cryptocurrencies already possessing this gold token include:

  • Onegram;
  • Goldmint;
  • Goldcoin;
  • Aurus;
  • Digix;
  • Aurumcoin etc.

Gold is a stable commodity in the market exchange since times immemorial, and it is unlikely that it will lose its intrinsic value anytime soon. Therefore, if you decide to invest in the gold asset, you will reap the benefits depending on your investment stake. This makes it one of the top cryptos for 2018.

An image showing different altcoins and bars of gold
  1. Ripple XRP

It is a technology that incorporates the digital currency and an avenue for online payments. The digital asset is rapidly growing with stable market capitalization. It functions on a peer-to-peer technology with no central control from the developers. You can transfer funds efficiently on a real-time basis. Most financial institutions are incorporating the Real Time Gross Settlements system offered by this digital currency thus making it a prospective crypto to invest in 2018.

  1. Ethereum

This is a digital currency that operates on an open platform where you can develop decentralized programs. It is a flexible system functioning under the blockchain technology. Research shows that Ether is the best crypto for 2018. It has a superior blockchain technology which is attracting more investors. As much as there are serious competitors with the same aspect of decentralization, it still has a high market capitalization. Furthermore, the owners of this cryptocurrency are constantly upgrading the coin to advance its security features and scalability of the digital asset. This aspect ensures that most people can access this affordable currency across the globe. So, if you are wondering which coins to invest in at the end of 2018, then try Ethereum

  1. Binance coin

This digital asset is growing exponentially globally, and soon it will be among the leader coins. It comprises a professional team of skilled employees, which helps the asset to gain popularity. The difference about this coin is that it has a platform permitting other investors to trade their altcoins at a reasonable fee. It is the best crypto you can choose to invest in because of the huge demand and the fact that it has higher liquidity in the market exchange.

Best Cryptocurrency for 2018

With the advances in technology, this modern era of digital assets is rapidly expanding. Most investors are eyeing to get a huge chunk of the crypto pie. The cryptocurrency movement is more popular now than it was when it was initially launched. Thus, before you decide to invest, carry out extensive research and study the market dynamics so that you can move your assets in the right direction.

As much as Bitcoin is still one of the top crypto coins to invest in 2018, there are upcoming digital currencies with more advanced features such as the Ripple coin. Therefore, you need to exercise due diligence before you invest in any crypto. Watch out for the market trends, join the investors’ groups in social media, and watch out for their predictions. You might end up with huge returns in the long run.

An image of 2018 with Bitcoin coin.

Best Crypto

You need to be extra careful before investing your hard-earned money in any crypto venture. It requires intensive research of the market dynamics and risk management to cushion you from any loss. Identify the best crypto that can work for you, and then invest by buying and selling it to other investors. Ensure that you sell it when the price shifts on the upper side so that you can get profitable returns.

Also, you can explore other avenues of investing such as Bitcoin mining. If you choose to become a miner, you need to understand the financial requirements since it is an expensive venture. Gather enough information and seek advice from trusted crypto professionals to help you make an informed decision. Whatever you choose to invest in, it is crucial to have some pointers to assist you to filter out the best cryptos for 2018.

Crypto To Invest in 2018

Below are some factors to consider before you invest in any digital currency:

  • Find Reliable Companies

Ensure that you do your research comprehensively on the best digital assets. Find reliable companies that have already established themselves in the market. This will save you from businesses that are out to scam innocent investors.

  • Committed Team Members

Successful digital currencies are usually managed by committed leaders and developers of the project. Thus, you need to be fully informed about the founders of the altcoins since that aspect may determine the success of your investment.

  • Technological Updates

As an investor, you need to be at the forefront looking out for information on technological advancements. The technical changes in a digital asset may directly affect the user experience, thus increasing the potential of the coin. Watch out for newer versions of the superior currencies to help you decide on the right investment.

  • Follow The Investors

The veteran investors usually have a say concerning a certain digital currency. Do you know what the public is saying about a particular altcoin? Ensure that you do your survey regarding the followers of each crypto you want to invest. It will act as a guide to help you with decision-making.

Coins to Invest

Are you still wondering about the best crypto 2018? You should try the Gold cryptocurrency since it has a higher potential of overall returns. For instance, if you choose to invest in Onegram crypto, you are given one gram of physical gold. With each transaction, your crypto portfolio grows in stability thus making it a strong asset in the long run.

It is imperative to note that the market dynamics in the crypto world is not constant, and experienced experts advise not investing more than you can afford to lose. Ultimately, the world of cryptocurrencies is rapidly growing and shifting the conventional ways of handling finances. Therefore, start investing and choose the most profitable cryptocurrencies.

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