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The benefits and harms of books on cryptocurrency

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The statement that the book is a source of knowledge is no longer an absolute truth. As the blockchain has changed its attitude towards fiat money, the Internet has turned the cryptocurrency books into an inadequate source of information.

The benefits of literature

We live in the XXI century, where the main flow of information comes to people through the Internet. No one will argue that the value of fiction does not fall down over the years. However, who now needs guides for dummies for installing Windows 95 or Exel 2000?

With the advent of Bitcoin, the situation turned out to be even more complicated. Even the best books about cryptocurrency just go behind time. To write it, the author will need at least several months. Then editorial changes, printing, delivery to stores. Advertising and marketing. As a result, it will take at least a year before the reader takes it in hand.

During this period, the technology will go even further, and the information will lose relevance. A careful reading of the White Paper by Satoshi will provide a much better idea of the fundamentals of the blockchain. If you want to get information in a simplified form, it is enough to open the Internet. There is a sufficient number of reputable sites where the authors are ready to talk and practically conduct a dialogue on the air. Many forums are dedicated to cryptocurrencies, which greatly simplifies the process of their study.

However, it cannot be argued that the best cryptocurrency books for beginners are useless. Perhaps some people are given aesthetic pleasure.

The real benefits of books

We have to admit that there are some areas where books have no competitors. This is a cryptocurrency exchange trading. The paradox is that now digital coins have become an ordinary tool for trading and investing. And here the cryptocurrency trading book will provide invaluable assistance. Especially when it comes to the following sections:

  • technical and fundamental analysis;
  • psychology of exchange activities;
  • state and society economy;
  • principles of work of trading floors.

Unlike the blockchain, the financial industry is very conservative. Literature, which was written decades ago, still has not lost its relevance. For example, it is enough to recall the Law of supply and demand.

This law states that if the product has more buyers than sellers, then the price rises. In the opposite case, it begins to decline. Of course, the exact wording is much more complicated, but we need to remember something else - this rule was found by Adam Smith in the 18th century. And still not lost its relevance. Alas, for cryptocurrency the situation looks very different. The fact that yesterday seemed fiction, is already turning into reality. And tomorrow it will become obsolete, since new technologies will replace it.

How to study cryptocurrency

If everything is so confusing, then how to understand the essence of the events taking place in the digital space? In fact, it is quite simple. First you need to open the Internet, and find forums for communication. If you are engaged in programming, financial investments in the blockchain, or simply decided to increase the level of knowledge, you can find an interesting option for yourself.

Perhaps a bank cryptocurrency order book will give more information than regular communication. But this is not literature, but simply a register of orders. And it is impossible to get it, because it is a commercial secret. However, everyone will be able to find in the network what is appropriate for his level of competence

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