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Robinhood crypto exchange differs from existing analogues in that virtual currencies can be exchanged on it without any commission. The first to evaluate this decision in action was the five US states. On February 22 of this year, a proposal was presented, which many expected with impatience. The online platform Robinhood is a qualitatively new solution in this area. The creators of the decision formed an open, free environment for trade so that the maximum number of people could access the crypto-currencies and the market as a whole.

Among young people, Robinhood crypto exchange has been popular for a long time, as it is used to sell shares, options and other things. And now it is open for trading with crypto-currencies, so it became the most interesting against the background of competitors.


The application was gradually distributed. At first, it was used only by customers living in Missouri, California, Montana, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Palo Alto (California) is the city in which the head office of the company is located. At first, developers did everything necessary to fully launch the exchange for all users, and now everyone can view quotations for 15 Crypto-currencies, and also participate in the auctions.

At the stage of creating crypto-exchanges and further many customers demonstrated great enthusiasm, that's why a lot of users were involved. The presence of a large number of customers and significant amounts of transactions allowed to generate huge amounts of commissions received from stock trading. For Robinhood crypto exchange launched the same application, which is also focused on commerce without commission and the formation of transparent schemes of interaction. This is the implementation of the concept of a transparent financial system that works for all people, and not just for the rich.


Like its main competitor, the developers of Robinhood Exchange see the largest exchange in the US Coinbase. While the commission for the operation there varies between 1.5-4%, users are not satisfied with the quality of the customer service, and also complain about poor technical support. For the money that customers have to pay, they have nothing at their disposal, they do not get anything special. And for trading crypto-currencies, many sites are now offered.

Robinhood developers had an answer to this as well, so there is a special forum for discussions where clients have a unique opportunity to discuss all the problems that arise, as well as communicate on the topics of crypto-currencies and everything that is associated with it. It always evaluates market news, trends in the crypto-currency world, and much more.

Even taking into account the fact that Robinhood is a fairly large trading platform that already has several million users, the service will gain positive dynamics through access to the cryptocurrency market.


The startup works in conditions when burglary and theft have already become the norm, so developers are actively engaged in project protection, improve the level of security to prevent this. Cryptotrading on the Robinhood exchange will be very popular, as it takes into account the opinion of the majority of users, and measures are taken to improve the quality of all functioning services. Users can not just trade here the most popular crypto-currencies - bitcoins and ethereum, but also view quotations of several more crypto-currencies that most people are interested in.

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