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Rise game started on the cryptocurrency market

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Cryptocurrency company BCB Group has found the reasons for the recent rise in the quotation of Bitcoin. In an interview with Reuters, it's head Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie said that this jump was triggered by just one investor. He placed on several sites applications for the purchase of about 20,000 coins at once.

Facts about the rise in prices for cryptocurrencies

Data from three sites - Bitstamp, Coinbase, and Kraken show that each of them received an order to purchase approximately 7,000 coins. That is, the total investor has invested approximately $ 100 million, which indicates the gigantic scale of the operation.

According to the expert, this could be a continuation of a larger scheme. In such cases, investors accumulate liquidity at minimum values and then make an effort to increase the rate.

Apparently, the game to increase is just beginning. To lock in profits, investors will need to raise the bitcoin rate to at least $ 6,000. And this will require additional injections of funds. Preliminary estimates say that the additional volume of purchases may reach as high as 60,000 coins. In this case, the upward trend in Bitcoin will become dominant, and it will be possible to fix a huge profit without a significant depreciation.

Who can play Bitcoin raises

Now there are a number of businessmen who are interested in ending the cryptocurrency winter. This and investment funds, which receive income from the placement of the most liquid assets. And mining companies, for which the rise in the cost of Bitcoin is a source of stable income.

There is no point to discard private funds. They can conduct a single transaction in order to generate significant income.

Now a significant number of players in the financial market want to raise the rate of cryptocurrency. Protracted felt does not allow them to earn, and this has a negative effect on the overall balance. And it is quite possible that the purchases were made with the expectation of long-term allocation of capital. It has already become clear that Bitcoin has turned into a reliable financial asset with great potential.

Perhaps a purchase in the range of $ 4-5 thousand will be the most profitable placement of funds for the next decade. Thus, the DataLight study showed that Bitcoin blockchain is able to compete with modern payment systems and even oust them from the market.

Possible developments in the cryptocurrency market

However, there is no point to indulge in euphoria. Experts at DataDash are confident that now everything will depend on the actions of other market participants. If, after takeoff to $ 5,000, Bitcoin can consolidate above this mark, the potential for further growth will be maintained. If the quotes are adjusted to $ 4,650 and below, then there is a chance of a return to lateral movement.

While the graphics talk about the stability of the situation. After taking off above $ 5,000, a slight correction came to $ 4,950, but then there was a slight increase. The asset has not yet been able to reach the previous highs.

What is happening on the market can be described as “a large-scale game to increase the price of cryptocurrencies”. Moreover, Bitcoin was on par with such tools as gold or currency pairs. According to them, large investors also conduct similar operations. However, much more liquidity is required there. One conclusion can be made from what is happening - the cryptocurrency has already become an attractive tool for large investors.

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