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Methods for obtaining a cryptocurrency on a wallet

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There are several ways to become the owner of a digital currency. The simplest of them is buying on cryptocurrency exchange for dollars or pounds. But cryptocurrency mining calculator allows you to find more profitable options for getting income.

Mining for investor

Purchase of equipment for mining the cryptocurrency becomes affordable. The Bitcoin and Ethereum boom slightly decreased, what led to a cooling of the price of asics and farms. With the correct calculation, the farm can become a permanent source of income. Although it will not be too large, with the right approach, its profitability will be at an acceptable level.

Before buying equipment you need to check the profit potential. And it is worth considering that the payback of mining different coins is very different. Thus, according to bitcoin fee calculator for the farm shows much more than on the Ethereum.

But even now there are more than 1900 coins. Some of them are on the rise, others are on their decline. Therefore, the same graphics card can bring several times more profit when tuning to the right asset. The easiest way is to make preliminary calculations on the online calculator, where you need to enter:

  • the complexity of mining one coin;

  • equipment productivity;

  • electricity costs;

  • price of the equipment;

  • value of the cryptocurrency in pounds or dollars.

This calculation allows you to find the equipment that has the best payback period. However, buying an asic or a block of graphics cards is not the only way to obtain cryptocurrency. Mining can be done without buying equipment.

Cloud Mining

Within the current situation, the rental of computing capacity that has appeared recently may prove to be profitable. IT companies and private individuals are proposing to use their technology for mining cryptocurrency. The work is done via the Internet, and there is no need to keep equipment at home with buzzing coolers and high electricity consumption.

If you only want to try your hand and learn, it will be enough to pay about 50 pounds for renting the facilities. For this money the access to equipment will be given. The client himself determines what kind of cryptocurrency he/she will mine. Some services provide additional options:

  • technical and information support;
  • expert consultation
  • automatic selection of the most profitable coins.

The benefit from this method of cooperation is due to the fact that such business is often organized by producers of asics.

The cost of electricity in different regions of the world is significantly different. Computing platforms are located in places with cheap energy, that saves on overhead cost. However, before contract execution, it is recommended to calculate the profitability of cooperation with a particular organization. According to the current practice, eth to USD calculator shows a much higher profit than that of BTC or DASH.

Mining Hotel

Not so long ago there was one more service for producers of cryptocurrency. This is a mining hotel. It does not provide a farm or an asic. It gives a place where the investor can install them. If you bought equipment, but its noise hinders comfort, there is the possibility to take it away and connect to this hotel. In addition, it offers:

  • delivery and connection of the farm;
  • sale of equipment at favourable prices;
  • technical support
  • recommendations of the experts

Currently, there are many options for earning money on the cryptocurrency. Conversations about the fact that it does not bring profit are far from reality. Although the price of bitcoins is not at its maximum, its potential remains very high.

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