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JP Morgan and Facebook are starting to move cryptocurrency to retail customers

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  1. What does the investor expect from 2019
  2. Trend and expectations change
  3. Financial Future in Cryptocurrencies

According to experts, new cryptocurrency projects will completely change the public’s view of digital financial assets. Projects from JP Morgan, Facebook and Telegram will allow a retail buyer to appreciate all the advantages of cryptocurrencies.

What does the investor expect from 2019

At the end of the last 2018, the attention of the cryptocurrency community was riveted on the actions of the US Federal Reserve. It was expected that the agency will facilitate access to this market by institutional investors. However, it turned out that the authorities are not in a hurry to speed up this process, and so far they are not in a hurry to make an important decision.

Institutional investors are hedge and insurance funds with a significant amount of liquidity. According to experts, if they place 1% of their funds in a cryptocurrency, then the price of Bitcoin will exceed $ 10,000.

Several funds were able to find ways to invest in blockchain projects, but this did not affect the general trend. Therefore, the community has found a new idea for the growth of quotations. And it is called "retail cryptocurrency buyer."

Trend and expectations change

Back in the winter of 2018, Pavel Durov announced the launch of the project Telegram Open Network (TON), which collected more than $ 1.2 billion for two rounds of financing. And it did not come from an open token allocation, they were sold by closed subscription with a minimum contribution amount is $ 1 million

According to the forecasts of the investment bank Crypto Investment Bank, by the end of 2019, the total capitalization of the project from Telegram will be close to $ 30 billion. Provided that the development team is able to provide it to retail cryptocurrency buyer in time.

It is expected that the price of a single TON token will rise from $ 0.59 to $ 5.9 per share, which will bring excellent returns to investors. Telegram's financial success probably made Facebook go the same way. Here they announced the creation of their own cryptocurrency. It will be launched in the WhatsApp messenger, which is wholly owned by the company. As a result, the shares of Facebook itself from March 1 to March 5 soared from $ 162 to $ 171 per share.

Financial Future in Cryptocurrencies

A whole series of news suggests that a coup is brewing in the cryptocurrency market. If at the first stage enthusiasts supported the blockchain, then later they were joined by financial experts. And now large corporations have begun to be active in this area.

One of them is JP Morgan. Here, too, it was said about creating their own coins. Moreover, the two largest financial corporations of Japan told about similar plans earlier. They plan to create their own payment systems based on stablecoins - tokens with a fixed rate

It turns out that at the moment cryptocurrencies are approaching a retail buyer. Those people who never intended to buy bitcoins will be able to do this at any ATM. Moreover, the technology will make it as comfortable as possible. By the end of 2019, it will be possible to buy coffee in Starbucks using a cryptocurrency wallet and the Bakkt application. And it will not take more than a couple of seconds.

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