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How to make money on venture investing in cryptocurrencies

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The price of bitcoin over the past months is in a narrow corridor. However, in the cryptocurrency market, there are venture projects that show an amazing return. In just one day, the cost of the Everex (EVX) token increased by 258.21%. And this is not the only example.

What is Everex on a global scale

Until mid-March, the Everex cryptocurrency differed little from hundreds of other assets. It was far from the first roles in capitalization and belonged to the category of venture projects in the cryptocurrency market. However, the decision of US regulators to allow doing business in the US sharply increased the interest of investors. On March 26, the volume of purchases and sales of EVX tokens grew by 8,200% to $ 144 million.

Everex has a head office in Singapore, in addition, it has opened offices in Thailand and the UK. Now the United States has fallen into its sphere of interest.

The main activity of Everex - making payments p-2-p and carrying out exchange operations. Moreover, both individuals and entrepreneurs can become their clients. To make transactions using their own mobile application that allows you to make them with the maximum speed.

The reason for the rise of cryptocurrency Everex

Everex company provides really favorable conditions for cooperation. Through the use of the blockchain and the distributed registry, it offers:

  • instant cross-border transfer of funds;
  • currency conversion at a favorable rate;
  • payment of purchases and services.

The platform uses Ethereum blockchain, which allows you to perform absolutely safe operations. Initially, it conducted activities in the Asian region, then a representative office was opened in the UK. Entry into the US market will definitely lead to multiple increases in turnover.

But the US authorities are reluctant to give permission for financial transactions. The fact that the venture company Everex was able to obtain all the necessary licenses from regulators was the reason for the increase in its value.

Vivid examples of recent times

But do not think that only Everex has the potential to grow. In the spring of 2019, several companies showed an impressive result. Thus, Elite cryptocurrency was able to add 2400% in a few days. However, it is worth being careful here. Some companies carry out the procedure of artificial winding up the value of the asset. Experts fear that a raise was played with individual tokens - a pumping.

Pumping is an artificial winding up of demand for a financial asset in order to involve non-professional investors. After takeoff prices, the organizers sharply sell their tokens.

Undoubtedly, in relation to Everex such suspicions are not related. The company has provided a venture financial product that is in high demand. Now in general, there is a revival in the cryptocurrency market. A vivid example is the activity of the Pantera Capital fund. As part of the next stage of financing, it was able to attract $ 160 million. And these are funds from large investors, each of whom invested about $ 3.5 million.

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