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How to invest in cryptocurrency safely

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The principle of cryptocurrency risk diversification

The fall in the value of the price of cryptocurrency in 2018 disappointed many investors, but this is not an excuse for abandoning a valuable financial asset. It is enough to recall one historical fact. In 2013, the price of one bitcoin fell in one day from $ 266 to $ 109 due to problems on the only cryptocurrency stock exchange at that time.

Then they also said that the blockchain does not have a real basis, that it has no future. And many analysts called the crisis that happened the collapse of the whole system. However, now, at the peak of the fall, the bitcoin price calculator shows the price of $ 7000 for one coin. That means the growth for this time was almost 300 times or 30 000%. Can someone name another asset that has brought so much to its investor? It is necessary to determine the cases when it is not worth in any case to invest money in crypto coins:

  • it is unacceptable to invest on debt money;
  • placement period should be calculated several years in advance;
  • the investor must have at least a rudiment about the technology.

If these conditions are observed, buying coins can be the most profitable practice in life. The stories of thousands of people prove that they were able to substantially increase their capital.

Risk diversification.

It is worth acknowledging that since 2013 the situation with crypto-exchanges and mining has changed somewhat. Now the number of digital assets is approaching 2000, and not all of them can safely survive in the coming years. And no one will say in advance what will become the catalyst for their growth or decrease.

It seems that the most popular and liquid coin, bitcoin interest calculator of the past years shows the best growth. This, however, is not the case. The investment in the ether brought 80% more. Although it came into the world only in 2014. Therefore, when forming a portfolio, it is necessary to pay close attention to diversification. It not only helps to earn more but also adds stability to capital.

It is not necessary to allocate an equal share in the portfolio for each asset. It is enough to divide the risks by the size of liquidity or growth dynamics. That is, to divide the capital into a certain number of shares, and then their size will become the basis for creating an investment structure. With this approach bitcoin to ripple calculator will show a 2: 1 ratio at current values.

The resourceful way of investing

If you understand the procedure of mining, you have the opportunity to make a "resourceful investment." And here, history will help us, too. The blockchain algorithm is structured in such a way that the profit from mining is relatively small. When bitcoin cost $ 3 and $ 3000, the profitability in percentages was the same.

Don`t you believe it? Go to any resource and find bitcoin MH s calculator according to the years. The program automatically adjusts the complexity of calculations for available capacity.

But who forces you to transfer bitcoins into dollars or pounds immediately? Yes, the miner and the investor are different specializations. Let's try to combine them. And we will set up the farm to obtain various coins. The probability that the profit from the farm will grow at times, multiplies, too. Furthermore, the investment made once will bring income, not for one year.

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