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How to buy ripple in the UK: a step-by-step guide

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Cryptocurrency is the talk of the day; many people think of it as a magical way of making money and consider making an investment in various cryptocoins. That investment choice is fully understandable, especially in the background of fluctuating traditional currencies, geopolitical crises, and overall volatility of the financial world. In these conditions, crypto seems to be a solid alternative to more traditional investments.

So, what to start with if you are looking at the crypto-world with an intention to buy? Naturally, selection of the cryptocurrency to invest in. Bitcoin and Ethereum are over-priced to constitute a lucrative investment at present, so our advice is to consider other, less popular currencies that are only starting their rise to the top of cryptocurrency rates. Most popular types of coins in 2018, definitely beside Bitcoin and Ether, include Litecoin, Dogecoin, BAT, Neo, and Ripple XRP. This guide acquaints you with the Ripple currency, a new but promising coin that can make you a fortune. The best about Ripple is that it was created for enterprise use and it is a high-liquidity altcoin recognized as a valid payment instrument by banks and other payment providers. We give detailed instructions on how to buy ripple, analyze the market estimates and projections for this cryptocurrency, and conclude with a concise report of whether it’s worth investing or not. Moreover, we offer a step-by-step guide on how to buy ripple in the UK.

First Steps: Decide Where to Buy Ripple

Purchase of any cryptocurrency is not as easy as it generally is with traditional currencies; you can’t just go to a bank and exchange your money for the coin. Hence, before buying ripple, you should analyze the market and find appropriate exchanges trading it to make a lucrative deal.

Surely, the best place to buy Ripple is always an exchange, as it gives you a number of benefits: it is a credible website with the rigorous seller and buyer protection, and it offers more or less fair conditions for each party. Thus, it is much safer than conducting some one-on-one transactions with unknown people who may be frauds. Exchanges currently selling Ripple include:

  • Bithumb;
  • Coinone;
  • Korbit;
  • Bitso;
  • Bittrex;
  • Bitfinex;
  • Poloniex;
  • Kraken;
  • BitStamp, and the like.

If you reside in the UK, you may definitely think of where to buy cryptocurrency UK, all exchanges named above service the UK market, and there are some more you may like:

  • Uphold (a very easy-to-use exchange servicing clients in over 35 currencies);
  • Bitpanda (an exclusively European exchange);
  • Binance (high-liquidity platform with solid client support);
  • EXMO (a UK-based cryptocurrency platform).

Not all of them are that credible and reputable. So, your number one task is to consider each Ripple exchange, read real people’s reviews about it, compare the exchange rates at several best exchanges, and then make the decision about Ripple: to buy or not to buy.

Which One is the Best Ripple Wallet?

Now that you have selected the exchange to work with, it’s high time to choose the Ripple coin wallet. First, you need to decide in which way you would like to use it and store your XRP, as there are different kinds of wallets:

  • Hardware wallets (e.g., Ledger Nano S). The major benefit of this wallet is the highest level of your funds’ integrity from cyber-theft. While cryptocurrencies are quite abstract, digital notions, it may be relatively easy for an expert to hack your computer or smartphone and steal all the coins you bought. This wallet guarantees that your crypto-reserve is always intact, stored offline on hardware.
  • Online wallets (e.g., GateHub, CoinPayments). These are much less protected wallets since your coins are stored online and are thus vulnerable to theft. However, their benefits are mostly about convenience; for instance, CoinPayments allows to store 600+ altcoins and charges very low transaction fees (only 0.5%).
  • Mobile/desktop wallets (e.g., ToastWallet, Edge, ABRA). An XRP wallet of this kind is safe and flexible, as you always have the purchased coins in your smartphone. Moreover, such wallets are usually simple, user-friendly, and multi-platform. Coupled with zero transaction fees, they constitute the best choice for most traders.

So, that’s the basic information you need on a Ripple wallet UK; there are no country-specific preferences on the choice of wallets, so you can select any of the aforementioned options depending on what you expect from it.

How to Buy Ripple with GBP?

When you buy Ripple in the UK, you naturally have to pay for it with GBP, so before starting the cryptocurrency purchase, we recommend finding out the currency exchange rates for Ripple at a variety of platforms. The rate differs from day to day, and even on one and the same day, different sources can offer different rates; so, be careful before selecting the exchange. Look at the Ripple to GBP rate at the preferred platforms for some time (a week or so) to see where the price offers are the best and fluctuations are to lowest.

Let’s illustrate how to buy XRP in the UK on a simple one-day review of its prices on several platforms:

  • At CoinGecko, the XRP/GBP rate is £0.276;
  • At eToro, it is £0.35;
  • Currencio gives the rate of £0.269.

The price may be actual for only a couple of seconds, as the currency exchange rates are updated very quickly. Here’s how the Ripple price UK differs depending on the platform. You will need to spend a considerably different sum of money on the same amount of XRP on each of them, so be sure to make a preliminary analysis before making the actual purchase. Especially if you use an online wallet, you will have to stick to that platform for further transactions.

Major Tips on How to Buy Ripple Coin Safely

Besides learning the basics of trading and finding a platform and a wallet to use, you should study the safety rules and recommendations. The crypto-world is definitely full of riches and promises incredible yields on your investments; but stealing cryptocoins is as easy as falling off a log, and hackers know that. Unlike having some physical item stolen, which you can report to the police and initiate an investigation, theft of cryptocoins is non-traceable. So, the best way to buy Ripple is the safest one. Here are some safety recommendations from our experts:

  • Try not to buy Ripple with credit card. In this way, you leave sensitive payment data online, in the world of crypto-hackers and swindlers. That’s really risky, so any time you have chances not to disclose your personal payment information, use them.
  • It’s much safer to buy Ripple with Bitcoin if you have some. This is another anonymous currency that leaves your information intact; so, you may conduct operations with altcoins in full confidentiality.

This is how to buy ripple cryptocurrency safely and confidentially. Don’t ignore these tips, as they may save your investment from lurchers!

If You Change Your Mind: How to Sell Ripple?

As soon as you see a favorable moment and the Ripple price rises high enough, sell ripple in the UK the same way that you acquired it – with the help of an exchange platform. As we explained above, this is the safest way to exchange Ripple for money, as the Web hosts too many hackers and frauds who may take away your XRP or GBP and never complete their part of the deal. At online exchanges, customer protection is at a good level, so you will not risk your funds.

So, here’s how to buy XRP in the UK. Use our tips, enjoy the process, and let luck be with you along the risky but lucrative path of cryptocurrency trading.

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