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How to buy gold or oil for Bitcoins?

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This article covers customized trading assets, provided by the leading crypto-broker LH-CRYPTO. Customized instruments are synthetic pairs of goods and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin/Gold, Bitcoin/Oil, Ethereum/Silver, EOS/Natural Gas and other unusual combinations.

The evolution path: from the stone axe to Bitcoin

Have you ever thought how much the world has changed in a century? We all studied the development of mankind on history classes at school. One century followed another; civilizations arose, bloomed and vanished. Once mighty, nations faded, leaving nothing but heaps of stones and pottery pieces for the future archeologists’ amusement. But, in fact, common people’s life was changing slowly; the first tamed fire and a wheel are thousands of years away from each other. It was only in the XX century when the technologies breakthrough changed the face of the world with electricity, telephones, antibiotics and A-bombs. As for our XXI century, the world is spinning with an incredible speed, inventions and gadgets appearing, becoming outdated and replacing one another in a flash.

The World Wide Web became a powerful impulse that moved the humankind ahead and radically changed our lives. The same with trading, which started several centuries ago: once an activity only for the chosen few, nowadays it is accessible to almost everyone – thanks to the Internet. Today earning on speculating requires neither solid initial capital, nor access to stock exchanges – thanks to online trading, Forex and brokers, who leverage their clients.

Nevertheless, the world keeps evolving, with one more previously unimaginable tool in our hands; it is now winning over the digital economy. What is it? Digital (intangible) payment methods or, in other words, cryptocurrencies. Looks like the Bible, but here in the beginning was Bitcoin, and then hundreds of various Altcoins were introduced. They are available for trading on numerous online exchange platforms, and they can act as an excellent investment opportunity.

A symbiosis of Bitcoin, Forex and futures

What actually is the world of cryptocurrencies?

This is a global market, with high technologies, easy access and unparalleled potential. Just like Forex, cryptocurrencies come to the sphere of particular interest to traders who are seeking new ways to make profit. But so far they had no financial instruments to make them 100% sure in their success.

A couple of years ago investors could either trade Forex, commodities and stocks or work with cryptocurrencies on specialized exchange platforms. But there was no way to combine the benefits of these two types of investments.

In other words, once you buy Bitcoin, you have to wait till it multiplies in price and sell it for USD or any other fiat currency, only then you could invest it in, say, Forex or precious metals. Or vice versa: if you gained profit from traditional trading, you could then invest it in cryptocurrency. However, this is not an easy way: it takes some time to meet a buyer, and they are not that easy to find. So, technically, trading on cryptocurrency exchange platforms may be not as easy as it seems.

Besides, we must never forget that, despite being attractive and popular, cryptocurrency is certainly not a safe investment.

Cryptocurrencies remain relatively vulnerable and can change in price sharply due to such things as Ethereum hard-fork of summer 2016 caused by a major hacker attack. Users lost 60 mln worth of Ethereums, and this is not what we call safe.

Unfortunately, crypto-exchanges cannot provide secure performance and ensure easy trading and high security of users’ investments. The solution for online investors is, as it always is, simple: to have an innovative crypto-broker which combines advantages of both traditional margin trading and crypto-technologies. Such crypto-broker would allow to invest cryptocurrency in common trading instruments. Investing in stocks, precious metals and commodities is attractive just as it is, but LH-Crypto iss the only broker to integrate two different types of investment in one trading asset.

LH-Crypto is the world’s first broker to offer a unique type of customized trading assets, which allow clients to operate such unique pairs as Bitcoin-Gold (BTC/XAU), Bitcoin-Oil (Brent; BTC/XBR) and many others, i.e. you buy or sell Natural Gas for Bitcoin.

Why should one buy gold or oil for Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies?

The first reason to buy such traditional assets like oil, gold, and other precious metals for cryptocurrencies is hedging your investment risks.

Each one of us wants to protect and enlarge their capital. How to do it with the smallest risks involved? Keeping all the eggs in one basket is the least wise, and holding your money in numerous types of cryptocurrencies without investing it, just expecting it to grow in price naturally, - well, it’s an investor’s utopia.

Today digital money is unpredictable; they do not fall under conventional laws of economics that have been there for centuries. But there are some things that will remain precious forever, like gold. In our world, gold and oil are solid investment assets. It means that if you invest your cryptocurrencies in precious metals or commodities, it will help you profit from a sustainable asset that is far more predictable than cryptocurrencies.

The list of such asset pairs that combine cryptocurrencies and precious metals, commodities, stocks or other assets keeps growing, LH-Crypto team says. It means that cryptocurrency investors will have more and more opportunities to protect and enlarge their capital.

How to buy Gold for Bitcoins? Where to find quotations of cryptocurrencies to major futures?

It is very easy. Trading any, futures, including such assets as Bitcoin/Gold, Bitcoin/Oil, etc., is available at LH-CRYPTO. You can trade in MetaTrader5, a software all professional traders are familiar with.

Just download the terminal, register a real trading account, replenish it with Bitcoins, Ethereums or other cryptocurrencies, and all of the stock exchange assets are available for trading. Use them to get rich!

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