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How to buy a cryptocurrency for the ordinary investor

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Another rise in the price of cryptocurrency assets again makes the question of where to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum again. However, unlike the 2017 boom, it is now much easier to answer. Financial corporations have the opportunity to enter the over-the-counter market, and a number of startups offer convenient services for ordinary users.

American ATMs for Bitcoin

In the US, a network of 2100 machines is open, where everyone can buy Bitcoin for cash. They are located in chain stores, and allow in a few minutes to become the owners of this asset. The project was launched jointly by Coinstar and Coinme. According to the first reports, the weekly growth in turnover is approaching 15%, and in total it has already grown by 92%.

When buying Bitcoin for cash, there is a certain limit. Cryptocurrency purchases are allowed at a time for an amount not exceeding $ 2500.

However, not everyone is so lucky. The Indian authorities do not prohibit private individuals from becoming owners of cryptocurrency, but they strictly stop business attempts to enter this segment. Thus, the Central Bank of the country prohibits any form of service for cryptocurrency companies. When Unocoin tried to install a cryptomate in a mall, its co-owner was arrested by the police. At the same time, the country's credit organizations themselves are very actively involved in the development of blockchain technologies.

Buy cryptocurrency via mobile app

An alternative purchase option is offered by TrustToken. Using its mobile application, each user will be able to buy stablecoin with reference to the Australian or American dollar, or to the pound. In the future, funds can be put on the stock exchange, where further conversion will be carried out.

Stablecoin - a fixed-rate cryptocurrency. Most often used for settlement operations through the blockchain.

Thanks to this offer, the user gets a number of advantages. He gets rid of the need to use cash, and at the same time gets access to the exchange platforms and currency exchange shop. It does not have to incur additional costs during the conversion, and its funds are placed in stable assets. Security is provided by TrustToken deposits in banks. On its accounts are fiat money in the ratio 1: 1.

Transaction fees

Each payment system determines the amount of deductions for a transaction. However, there have been major changes. If in 2017 in the blockchain bitcoin in one operation a person had to give up to $ 50, now the exchange of cryptocurrency can occur almost free of charge. This feature came from the development of the Lightning Network.

Lightning Network technology does not require processing in the blockchain. This payment protocol is above the blockchain, and can work with several cryptocurrencies.

A number of companies are now offering to invest in their own tokens. This provides an opportunity to significantly diversify risks. Even such a giant as Samsung has attended the release of cryptocurrency. It is not clear how this boom will end. However, it is already clear that the range of opportunities for a private investor is actively expanding. And buying a bitcoin or other digital financial asset is becoming easier.

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