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How to Build an Ethereum Mining Rig [2019 Update]

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If you want to increase your capital with fewer efforts invested from our side, then the cryptocurrency business is just an ideal option for you. Why? The secret is that the tendency of its rate is exponentially growing and is rather stable. Of course, mining and trading with all digital money units will hardly make you rich. That is why we strongly recommend you to do research or choose Ethereum for this purpose. Wondering what is special about Ethereum and how to set up a mining rig? Keep on reading further.

What Is Ethereum?

Ethereum was released in July 2015 as an open decentralized platform that has blockchain technology as its base. Its unique feature is that the Ethereum platform allows developers to create apps with smart contracts functionality, which makes it possible to build a global one-of-the-kind blockchain. Taking into account all the unique features of this digital money unit, ETH is to become the number one digital money unit in the nearest future.

Ethereum token that can be bought and sold on many different cryptocurrency exchanges. The token itself is necessary for the correct operation of applications on the ETH network. This is due to the fact that Ether is used to pay transaction fees and provides developers with an incentive to create quality applications on the Ethereum platform.

Nowadays, ETH is the second prominent cryptocurrency with its market capitalization of more than 80 billion dollars. ETH reached its record in 2017 with more than 1,400 dollars in its arsenal. Today the position of this digital money unit s even more stable - the current circulation supply of Ethereum is over 97 million ETH.

Mining ETH

We have good news for those who want to become cryptocurrency traders - it is now getting started with ETH mining getting the max easier. You do not need to download the full blockchain ETH, which is currently over 20+ GB and is still growing. In addition, you do not need to manage clumsy command line miners with manual instructions.

For the purposes of this tutorial, we are going to make detailed walkthroughs about tuning and using the top popular miners and setting up Ethereum rigs. Discover how to create a powerful ETH rig and follow all the steps we outline for you here. The whole process of getting the miner's downloading wallet settings, setting up things in Windows, as well as configuring a batch file to run takes less than 10 minutes.

If you are new to ETH mining, this guide covers all the significant facts in a simple, low jargon way. Let's start with some short answers to frequently asked questions about the mining of Ethereum.

How Do I Start with Mining Ethereum?

If you have a suitable graphics processor with at least 3GB of RAM, this is a quick and painless question of making some settings in Windows, installing a mining application, then entering several parameters from your pool site selected.

What Are the OS Requirements for ETH Mining?

This guide is for using Windows 10 (ensure it is 64 bit). Windows is easy to configure and get it run fast.

Ethereum Wallet Is Not Sync'ing for Me. Can I Use any Wallet Address for ETH Mining?

You can use any purse address for ETH mining, but some exchanges do not allow extraction or do not allow very small deposits. So double check with the site and make sure if the extraction is targeted directly to the address of the web deposit.

Besides the GPU, What Are the Other System Requirements for my Windows Mining Rig?

There can be a very long list covering all the requirements when it comes to hardware. However, we are going to mention the most critical things:

  • Your Windows 10 OS should be 64 bits of installation;
  • You need to get a motherboard possessing the sufficient amount of PCI-E slots;
  • When using two and more GPU units, you are to get powering a PCI-E riser for each and every GPU being in use;
  • For power supplies units, you are to double-check that your power supply has all the necessary connections to support all the GPU units you are working with. It should also have enough total power enough for supporting the draw of the entire power system.

Pro Tip: if you have an intention to establish multiple set-ups, adhere to the same brand of PSU so that you can use many other cables if necessary (for example, you can always use only EVGA G2 PSU, so if you have any additional VGA or MOLEX cables being a part of the same assembly can be used on another assembly).

  • If you want to get a simple low-end processor and at least 4GB of RAM, ensure your motherboard, processor, and RAM are compatible (i.e. LGA 1151 motherboards require using the 1151 CPU socket, while DDR4 RAM / LGA 1150 motherboard boards require 1150 processor and DDR3 RAM);
  • Do not forget the power button. Make use of a simple button for switching power in a PC that connects to the motherboard headers in order to switch between on/off modes.

What Are Other Options for Mining ETH with Both Specialized ASIC Equipment, Gaming Laptops, or Virtualized environments?

As long as your system adheres to the above prerequisites and includes more than one GPU with no less than 3GB of RAM, it is absolutely possible mine ETH. Some gaming machines do have high-end cards, but there may be other effects on your laptop with significant heat from mining. So it’s best to go with the desktop build.

As a result, virtualized settings to be potentially rented do not have a sufficiently powerful dedicated GPU unit in them, or it brings simply no profit if they do so. Today, there is no ASIC for ETH (since it is intended to be an “SIS Resistant” proof of the logic of hashing). RUN ASIC is still beneficial for mining some coins (Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.), but for the house, mining drilling rigs are built, astral and other altcoins are still profitable to mine.

Ethereum Blockchain Basics

All operations in Ethereum (and other digital currencies) are encapsulated in separate blocks. These blocks are comparable to batches of operations that banks send to each other, with the exception of ETH, where they happen every 15 secs (on average). The blocks are identified by their height, which starts at 0 and doesn’t increase successively until the current block.

Here is how the mining process is used to create, check, and write blocks:

  1. Miners check deals over the network and collect everything that they consider valid (in terms of fees, codes, and accounting history that controls coins) to blocks;
  2. Miners consume electricity hashing that blocks with the processing power of their GPU (s). A successful hash result produces a unique work Proof (POW) proving that the miner worked on this unit;
  3. If the rest of the network accepts a Hash valid block, the block becomes part of a standing consensus on respectful operations, known as blockchain;
  4. The miner receives 5 ETH plus all transactions and processing code fees present in their unit, as well as some bonus fee for any operations they process.

Choosing Your GPU Hardware

Experiments with multiple GPU units in the calculator will definitely assist you in finding a card with an earthy price for their performance combined with its energy consumption (in the form of a unit of currency MH / s). Kee in the form that AMD cards are ahead of NVidiafor cryptocurrency mining appliances. The card must have at least 3 gigabytes of RAM; otherwise, it will not be able to bring Ethereum to you. This is related to the growing DAG file applied in ETH Proof.

Pro-tip: check the following GPU:

  1. AMD Rx 470/480 Rx 570/580;
  2. AMD R9 range;
  3. HD 7990/7950 (if used cards are available, try to get them from the gamer instead of the miner, with a guarantee if possible);
  4. For Nvidia, look at 1060/1080 series 1060 card.

As with everything, do your own due diligence to evaluate GPUs based on their hash rate, power requirements, availability, and price. For a solid budget card, Rx 470 with 4 gigabytes of RAM is recommended (if there are not too high prices due to the lack of maps).

Profitability and Yield Forecast for 2019

In February 2019, developers are planning to update the ETH network. The main idea behind the work of the hard fork of Constantinople is to stop the penetration of ASIC miners. Perhaps the game will be over for them.

When will ETH mining using a video card come to an end? According to crypto experts, the ETH coin should switch from POW (proof of activity) to POS (proof of possession) mode. And only afterward, the big rigs will be forced to stop mining. But the exact end date of mining ETH is unknown to anyone.

The main advantage of a mining farm over ASICs is the possibility of an easy production restructuring for a more profitable algorithm. Therefore, the question of its mining with a video card becomes unimportant for miners.

There will be enough money units for our use. New models of video cards are already approaching the productivity of devices on integrated circuits. And a temporary decline in the crypto market is the best time to start building a powerful ETH rig. There is a lot of equipment at affordable prices. And when the time comes, the investment will pay off with interest.

Te daily trading volume of ETH cryptocurrency is approx. $ 2,000,000,000, and the total number of altcoins being in use exceeds one hundred million units. Mining Ethereum is a whole sector of the crypto-industry, which employs tens of thousands of people. Coins are the energy feed of the ETH network - they are needed for all internal operations (transactions, smart contracts, ICO, etc.).

A good thing about this digital money unit is that the number of ETH coins is not limited; this measure is taken by developers to ensure the stability of the cryptographic platform. If you stop mining of ETH coins, their value will go down excessively over time, and it will become unprofitable to use the services of the platform. Therefore, Ethereum mining will remain popular for a long time.

Final Say!

What is ETH? The second most popular crypto in the world after Bitcoin. Even if its emission amounts to almost 100 million, a large mining activity by the miners influences the rapid increase in its complexity. Moreover, some cryptocurrencies were based on the Ether blockchain, which also loads its network. Without good equipment and a lot of patience, you will hardly benefit from mining ETH.

Mining of cryptocurrency like Ethereum is a really difficult process. Therefore, we wish you to thoroughly check all the nuances to assemble the system and find your favorite pool as soon as possible. Do not forget to double-check the settings of the program and bat because it is fraught with failures. As a result, you can face the problem of the loss of time and even equipment failure. Be careful - every mistake is a step backward. But the number of blocks goes only forward.

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