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Digital coin ethereum takes second place in terms of capitalization, so its value is important for the entire industry. At the moment Ethereum long-term forecast shows the emergence of several disturbing factors that hinder the growth of its value.

What is Ethereum for?

Many people do not understand why so many types of cryptocurrency have been invented. And indeed, if we consider blockchain exclusively as an investment project, then bitcoin is quite enough. However, the practice has shown that the limitations inherent in its algorithm do not allow us to use the entire potential of the blockchain.

Initially, Ethereum price prediction did not promise a stormy rise for it. Although investors could collect just under 40 million pounds in a month, few believed in the recorded potential of the coin. Since ICO, the value has grown more than 1000 times, that is, the return on investment was 100,000% in two years. The secret is that the new asset has the following properties:

  • application of a smart contract;
  • algorithm optimization;
  • creation of a narrow specialization for a coin.

From the very beginning of appearance, Ethereum predictions told about new opportunities. And the most important of them was a simplified ICO procedure. Business does not need to understand the technology of blockchain, it does not care about the algorithm and machine code. For business, security and ease of use are more important. This is exactly what the owners of the second cryptocurrency offered.

Why Ethereum price shot upward

The reason for the rapid growth of quotations was that the product began to be in demand. And it was quickly estimated by both large and small business. Corporations began to develop their technological products on its basis. Among them were such giants as JP Morgan, UBS, Microsoft, Intel and others.

But not less investors attracted and small entrepreneurs. The fact is that previously it was actually closed for access to attract investment capital. Of course, every businessman could go to the IPO stock exchange offering, it is not prohibited by the law. But the cost of legal and financial support will amount to tens of thousands of pounds.

In order to attract capital through the ICO, it will take only 500-700 pounds. The figures are incomparable. Therefore, Ethereum forecast has been exceeded many times. But as you might expect, disadvantages follow from the advantages. They may adversely affect the prospect of a coin in 2019.

Risks for the Ethereum course

The general trend in the cryptocurrency market is far from positive. The global movement of liquidity to the stock markets has led to a loss of speculative interest in the short term.

However, this process cannot last long. The boom in the stock market was triggered by tax changes in US law. According to experts, now, up to 80% of the net profit of the company was sent to buy back shares. Therefore, in the short term, it is difficult to call the ethereum price forecast positive.

But already in 2019, the situation may change. The policy of the US Federal Reserve to tighten the cost of credit will lead to braking in the industry and domestic demand. And then the authorities will have to change the vector of financial regulation again.

As a result, there will be a need in the market for new trade ideas. Cryptocurrency is perfect for solving this problem. In addition, the mass return of projects implemented through ICO will begin. Usually, it takes at least two years for a business to reach a decent level of profitability. This will come in 2019.

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