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How many cryptocurrency wallets do residents of different countries have - Hootsuite study

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Canadian company Hootsuite conducted a study on the penetration of cryptocurrency in the daily lives of ordinary users. According to it, now more than 57% of the world's population use the Internet. And among them a significant number of those who have cryptocurrency wallets. However, the variation in different countries indicates a strong deformation of this process.

How many cryptocurrency wallets are the leaders of the rating

It turned out that digital financial assets are the most popular in South Africa. Here, the degree of penetration was 10.7%. The second line of the rating is occupied by residents of Thailand (9.9%) and Indonesia (9.5%). It is noteworthy that on the fourth line of the rating were the Vietnamese (9.3%).

Vietnamese authorities tightly control the cryptocurrency market, so far there is not a single trading platform. Only at the end of 2019 is scheduled to open the first legal crypto exchange.

The fact that South Africa is among the leaders in the rating speaks only about one thing - its residents have found practical application to digital tokens. The global dynamics of citizens' interest indicates its slowing down. But in periods of insufficient stability of national currencies and the economy, buyers are looking for fresh financial solutions. Thus, a cryptocurrency wallet becomes not only a means of savings, but it also allows you to earn on the growth of the market value.

Developed countries and the Asian region

If we drop the anomalously high rate of South Africa, then Asian countries are at the top of this rating. The paradox is that Japan with 4.3% was far from the leaders. This country was the first to adopt a complex of laws on cryptocurrency turnover and fully took this process under control.

Now in Japan, there are 16 cryptocurrency exchanges, which operate under the license of the FSA. About 200 applications are pending from the regulator.

The situation with China also looks unexpected. More than 70% of all cryptocurrency mining pools are located in the country, but only 4.2% of Internet users have their own digital wallets.

But in India, where there is a total ban on the purchase of tokens, this proportion is 6.5%. The authorities have banned banks from servicing any cryptocurrency companies. For the installation of cryptomates in shopping centers have already been arrested, several businessmen.

Countries with a minimum number of cryptocurrency wallets

Morocco is on the last line of the Hootsuite ranking. Here, the penetration figure is only 1.7%. This is slightly lower than the RF indicator. In Russia, only 1.8% of Internet users have cryptocurrency wallets.

Despite the statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin that in the summer of 2019 the country will have its own cryptocurrency legislation, the State Duma again postponed consideration of the “Law on digital financial assets”.

The problem of the Russian cryptocurrency growth is not only in the absence of a normal regulatory framework. The central bank and law enforcement authorities are firmly suppressing the development of the industry; not a single official cryptocurrency platform operates in the country. There are no rules for licensing them yet.

In some drafts of the new law, there is a proposal to transfer regulation of the industry under tight control. Up to criminal liability for owning digital financial assets without proper registration. It is unlikely that these rules will be adopted, but ordinary citizens are afraid to start cryptocurrency wallets.

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