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Ethereum price predictions for 2018

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Cryptocurrency of Ethereum (ETH, ether) is now one of the most investment-attractive assets. Among more than three thousand cryptocurrencies existing at the moment, Ethereum confidently ranks second. More and more platforms use Ethereum as a means of payment. The smart contracts are becoming the greater demand, and their practical application has long been limited not only to the financial sector.

Ethereum is the second cryptocurrency regarding the world’s capitalization. The volume of capitalization at the beginning of June 2018 totaled $60,000,000,000. The cost of the ETH coin for the same period revolved around $600. In the history of the cryptocurrency there were rising to $1500, and then falling almost to $300 after the market leader’s breakdown – Bitcoin (BTC). So, what is the Ethereum price prediction for 2018?

Ethereum Prediction: 2018 Tendencies

Keep in mind that trying to make Ethereum future price prediction is a challenging task to do. Volatility, as well as the novelty of this cryptocurrency (it was launched in 2015), makes it virtually impossible to predict its exact value.

In early 2017, the cost of Ethereum reached 7 dollars. Already in early 2018, the rates of the cryptocurrency increased 100 times, which was a record growth for the digital currency market. In 2018, the price of Ethereum will continue to record historical highs, analysts say. According to them, Ethereum price forecast 2018 contains figures from $400 to $2500. When talking about Ethereum price predictions for 2020, the similar data is given.

The Ethereum classic price prediction is based on the following factors:

  • ETH coins’ circulation
  • Currently, there are 101.4 million Ethereum coins in circulation. Although this number will increase over the next few years, after that it will settle down on the same level.

  • Ethereum applications
  • The principal advantage of Ethereum over Bitcoin is the ability to use smart contracts. Ethereum additionally allows developers to create decentralized applications, also known as dapps, atop blockchain technology. Thus, the more applications created, the more valuable Ethereum becomes.

Taking into consideration what aspects determine the price of Ethereum, you can try to predict it, although when it comes to cryptocurrency, it is complicated. Reflecting on how to predict the more or less accurate Ethereum future price for 2018, analysts make some amendments regarding such points:

  1. It is evident that the Ethereum price will grow, as will the total share of all cryptocurrencies in circulation concerning fiats. But it will not be so rapid as in the case of bitcoin. The curve of the upward trend will be flatter and evener. This gives reason to think over how high can the price of Ethereum go – the analysts predict the cost rising to 100% a year. That is, those wishing to earn double profits from their investments, can safely buy ETH.
  2. The authorities paying close attention and the transfer of some global state projects to the Ethereum platform might add up to 50-100% of the cost. And although such a situation is hard to imagine, it cannot be discarded. Bitcoin enters the Chicago Stock Exchange, which can trigger another swift rising. If the same thing happens with the Ethereum, the growth curve will sharply increase its angle.
  3. Unlikely but still possible the Bitcoin explosion can bring the ETH cryptocurrency in the first position. If BTC fails, the price of Ethereum will grow 5-7 times in a few weeks, although in the first moments there may be a simultaneous slight decrease.

Future Price of Ethereum

When choosing the golden mean among the experts’ forecasts, it is possible to distinguish several basic opinions:

  1. Side trend for the summer. During June, July and August of 2018, no significant leaps in the price of Ethereum are expected. The analysts warn of drawdowns and growth of up to 7-9% with a subsequent return. For today (19th of August, 2018) the price of Ethereum in GBP is approximately £234.88 with a tendency of falling.
  2. Small growth in autumn. In the autumn months, business intensification around the world may increase the price of basic cryptocurrency instruments by 10-12%, followed by the continued growth.
  3. Fluctuations in December 2018. Taking into account the situation on the market in December 2017, at the end of 2018 a small disturbance may begin, including significant price changes even within a single trading day.
  4. Ethereum future price prediction at the end of 2018 is $600-$750 per 1 ETH coin. Positive scenarios imply an increase of 20-25% by the end of the year.
  5. Pessimistic scenario – $450-$500 per 1 Ether. If there is a force majeure in the form of the BTC price decrease or serious issues in the cryptographic market, it is possible that the drawdown of the Ethereum price will be 20-30%

The Future of Bitcoin and Ethereum

Ethereum is a second-generation cryptocurrency that has received the apt nickname ‘bitcoin 2.0.’ The creators of the Ethereum were able to prevent the errors of the prototype (that is, BTC) and exclude them in their product. There are two crucial benefits of the Ethereum digital asset:

  1. The Ethereum block is optimized since the scaling ensures high transaction speed. As for Bitcoin, the processing time takes up to 2 minutes, while Ethereum offers 10-15 seconds period.
  2. ETH reward for miners does not decrease with time, while in the case of BTC it reduces threefold every four years. The period and volume of mining in the ecosystem of Ethereum are not limited.

The representatives of business and IT-sphere working with smart contracts will allegedly remain the general consumers of Ethereum technology, while an ordinary user of goods and services will continue to buy Bitcoins.

ETH will unquestionably grow, but BTC will reach its new high. Will Ethereum reach the price of Bitcoin? Some experts believe that within the next 2-3 years, Ether is going to follow the steps of Bitcoin and catch up with it in regards to the market value. Other analysts add that in order to overtake bitcoin, ether only has to double its value.

Experts who consider digital smart contracts to be the most promising platform for business, political technologies and storage systems, believe that the first drop in interest towards Bitcoin will lead to an automatic take-off of the really-consumed Ether. The tokens that are ‘feeding’ the applications will stay in demand for many more years, which will ensure the growth of the price of ETH

ICO and Cryptocurrency Regulations

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is the release of tokens, selling them to the investor for other currencies, usually for Ethereum cryptocurrency, Bitcoin or Fiat. The obtained money is spent on the development of the project.

ICO is mainly carried out on the Ethereum platform. The process starts with the preliminary sale of the tokens – this stage is called ‘Pre-sell,’ with the favorable conditions for the investors, including the possibility to buy tokens with a considerable discount. Then, the main sales begin, lasting for a month. In rare cases, it can extend to several months or even a year. The number of tokens put up for sale is limited, and the terms of emission are given in white paper or other documentation of the ICO project.

For now, Ethereum represents the principal blockchain for any start-up, that plans to launch the initial coin offering through ICO.

Speculations on Price of Ethereum

The most optimistic Ethereum price forecast 2018 indicates a possible fourfold increase. According to the independent investment analysts, by the end of 2018, each ether will cost $2500. And the cryptocurrency rate growth will continue in 2019 and 2020. Experts’ research also showed that in late 2018 the increase of the Ether rate will increase by 212%.

Almost all analysts predict the increase in the Ethereum future price. Still, do not rely solely on the exact Ethereum price forecast by experts, since the cryptocurrency market is somewhat unsteady.

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