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Ethereum forecast today and the complexity of the regulation of the cryptocurrency market

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Forecasts of Ethereum today are such that the cryptocurrency is prone to growth, and its volatility becomes increasingly high over time. This is noticed not only by ordinary users, but also by experts. However, there are questions associated with the regulation of the market. Cryptocurrencies need to be recognized and as soon as possible, otherwise difficulties will be very likely. It is impossible to rebuild the system in just a few weeks, since it has been working for decades, therefore it is important to assess potential difficulties and methods to overcome them.

The financial system is completely unprepared for cryptocurrency, as a phenomenon. People heard about it, probably even encountered it, but most of the population did not use bitcoins and other coins, they are not told about anything by the forecast for Ethereum prices today. They are not aware of the features of the implementation of transactions, the necessary features for the owner of cryptocurrency. Users know little about how to protect themselves in the virtual space, as well as their coins. There are many sources of information about what is required to do with cryptocoin. For ordinary users, this can cause certain difficulties because of the need to spend a large amount of time on mastering. Legislation should provide for informing users about what a cryptocurrency is and how to behave with it.

Control points

Ethereum news today often speak about the need for legislative control and regulation of specific points. If the coins receive a new status, this indicates the need for a different attitude to exchange operations and activities with the rest of the finances. This is common for specialized exchangers and exchanges that interact with virtual coins. Professionals talk about the need to focus on exchanges that act as professional trading tools. The adoption of the law will allow to work with similar financial units on the basis of similar currency market..

The price of Ethereum today is changing quite rapidly, therefore, an important point concerns the issues of taxation. Before the adoption of the official law, the subject of taxes on cryptocoins was not touched on in any way. After drawing up and adoption of the relevant resolution the situation can be corrected. Do not rule out the need to pay taxes even for the profit that will be obtained as a result of exchange rate fluctuations. This is relevant, especially in light of the rapid growth in prices of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. To fully account for the income received by the holders of financial assets, it is planned to introduce instruments for regulating exchangers and exchanges. Taxation of transactions in the blockchain network is fraught with certain difficulties.

Regulation and taxes

The problem of cryptocurrency mining becomes another one when legal regulatory issues are raised. This is usually a professional admission. It is not excluded that ordinary users will no longer be able to mine, as now. And here, too, the question of control and taxation arises. It is proposed to introduce a special register of the miner, which will include entrepreneurs and legal entities. With the consent of the individual to enter this register, such an action is not excluded.

Tax issues remain relevant, since crypto-money owners are required to select the optimal rate. It is proposed to establish 13% as income, but it is not. For miners, this decision is not correct, since they do not earn, but are engaged in supporting the blockchain network. This moment can become a loophole for hiding from the tax authorities.

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