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Cryptocurrency instruments on the Six Exchange

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The Six exchange, which ranks first in Switzerland and fourth in Europe, begins trading in the Amun Crypto ETP tool. This is a composite index of cryptocurrency with maximum capitalization. Launching a new product under the Ticker Hodl will allow institutional investors to enter the digital asset market.

Hodl instruments appearance conditions

The Swiss division of the British company Amun Technologies has created a derivative asset that will change the situation on the cryptocurrency market. It is an index of value, which includes five coins in different proportions. These are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash ABC, Ripple, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

The solution is based on the same approaches as for conventional derivatives. The company will charge for the use of its product 2.5% per year. However, this will allow its customers to trade with minimal risk. Since Amun Crypto ETP has been recognized on a large stock exchange, large investors will be able to work with it.

The prospects for cryptocurrency after the arrival of the giants

It is worth recalling that large funds are limited in their capabilities. The rules forbid them to buy high-risk tools. Initially, the Swedish company XBT Provider AB, a subsidiary of the English CoinShares Holdings, together with the NASDAQ wanted to launch exchange notes on bitcoins. But a month later, the US government in the face of the SEC banned trade in new assets. It was expected that the exchange notes of Bitcoin-ETF will be re-launched this year. However, the American regulator is not in a hurry to make a decision, and the Swiss intercepted the initiative.

However, this time they decided to place not notes, but a more complex derivative instrument. Due to the diversification of Amun Crypto ETP is less risky, which influenced the adoption of a positive decision.

Experts believe that attracting large investors to trading will significantly increase the demand for cryptocurrencies. Some of them voiced a possible bitcoin value of $ 20-25 thousand. Judging by the current market situation, this price of the coin seems excessive. However, if hedge and pension funds invest at least 1% of their capital in cryptocurrencies, this threshold will be more than realistic.

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