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Bitcoin Trading Market: Crypto Markets See Slight Rebound, Bitcoin Trades Above $6,500 Again.

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The digital currencies are rapidly changing how the world views the conventional ways of trading currencies. Cryptocurrencies are the new normal with more people embracing the benefits of trading it in the exchange market. A majority of financial institutions and online stores are also incorporating digital currencies in their everyday transactions which show that there is a future with the crypto coins. With Bitcoin still being a leader in the market with a high market capitalization, we cannot ignore the new altcoins in the market. Some are technically more superior to the Bitcoin such as the Bitcoin plus, Ethereum, Ripple XRP, and a few others which are widely accepted.

Due to this emerging competition, this BTC cryptocurrency has recently been experiencing a price fall in the market. The value has seen a decreasing trend which is causing concerns to the investors. However, according to the Bitcoin price chart of October, there happened amarket experienced a considerable rebound, and it started trading above $ 6,500 again. This is quite a good sign for investors and those planning to make Bitcoin trades.

However, these price fluctuations are constantly worrying especially to investors. The question on everyone’s mind is that, will Bitcoin recover from the market falls? The future of this cryptocurrency is still bright because it is still among the digital currencies that are widely accepted all over the globe. Most investors believe that once the BTC has hit its lowest, it will bounce back to new heights of even $50,000 by the end of the year. Although the crypto market is facing severe challenges, positive developments are being experienced in the recent past that indicates a progressive future for cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Markets

The market of the cryptocurrency is full of numerous possibilities. There are over 1500 altcoins already in existence. It is, however, challenging to predict the success of the digital currencies as the prices undergo constant fluctuations. You may be wondering whether to invest in Ethereum a Bitcoin, or any other potential altcoin in the market.

To counter this, you need to be up-to-date with the current happenings in the crypto market. Do not make a blind trade without first carrying out comprehensive research on how it is doing in the market. What are the current prices? Is still being developed? Does it have improved features? These factors will help you make an informed decision on whether a cryptocurrency is worth a trade.

Bitcoin Top

What is a Bitcoin top? It is essential to understand what this is for more clarity. It is a branch of Bitcoin with an upgraded sequence known as the BTT. They have a team of top miners who are insistent on developing algorithm blocks with an advanced proof-of-work. With an aim to improve scalability issues, they also want to enhance the security surrounding the BTC. It is imperative to note that the original blockchain remained the same with no alterations whatsoever. The new sequence came in as a branch from the original chain. It was split off and diverged becoming a unique block on its own. Due to this technique, a new cryptocurrency known as the Bitcoin Top was launched.

Being a new entrant, the coin market cap BTC is 21 million. It aims to solve some of the problems that the original Bitcoin is currently experiencing such as:

  • Privacy issues;
  • Slow verification of transactions;
  • High limits for new member.

Bitcoin Value Chart

According to Bitcoin crypto markets, many the significant cryptocurrencies are recording a slight growth and a few losses. Bitcoin, being a popular crypto, is number 19 out of the top twenty ranked digital currencies. A majority of investors are now shifting base from BTC to Ethereum cryptocurrency because this is one the many currencies with high market capitalization.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin is still a valuable asset in the market due to its code. Just like the US Dollar, this digital currency has all the features of a traditional currency. It is scarce, divisible, portable, fungible, and recognizable. What you have to remember is that all currencies are bound to lose value at some point. As much as the Bitcoin’s value has been crazy, it may or may not recover from the turbulent times.

Chart Bitcoin

It is important to learn how to interpret the bitcoin price chart in order to better understand how it is doing in the market. Also, since many people are using it as a mode of payment for products and services, it is crucial to know the current prices so as not to be overcharged. Below is a screenshot of the current BTC/USD chart as of 26th November 2018:

Bitcoin Price chart

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