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Craig Wright or the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto

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Australian Craig Steven Wright was again able to surprise the cryptocurrency public. This time, he filed an application with the US Copyright Office to recognize the rights to the White Paper of Satoshi Nakamoto. The application was registered, which caused some concerns about the possibility of using the blockchain in the public domain.

White Paper by Satoshi Nakamoto

At its core, this document is a concept for the development of the blockchain. It was published on October 31, 2007, and revealed the main theses on the creation of a new network. Then cryptocurrencies were positioned as peer-to-peer networks with complete decentralization. They had to compete with the current financial system and provide citizens with alternative access to conducting transactions.

The world still does not know who Satoshi Nakmoto is. About himself, he said only that he is Japanese, and he is 37 years old. Researchers have not managed to find out who exactly is hiding under this pseudonym.

Already in 2010, the ideological inspirer of Bitcoin departs from participation in the project, and no longer appears to the public. Until now, about a million bitcoins are stored on Satoshi wallets, they have never been used in calculations. No one saw the photograph of Satoshi, no one knows his real name. Linguistic analysis has shown that he is hardly Japanese. However, the true name of this person could not be determined.

Impostor Craig Wright

Australian Craig Steven Wright was born in Brisbane in 1970, received a good education in the field of information technology, after which he moved to the UK. He is very active, and it is very often associated with litigation. The scientist received the greatest popularity after the statement that he is Satoshi. This happened in 2016, and so far Wright is trying to prove his copyright on the blockchain technology.

Experts believe that all the hype around the name of the inventor of Bitcoin is nothing more than a PR project. In this way, a little-known scientist became a successful businessman.

It is noteworthy that Wright has become very active in proving his right to the name of the founder of Bitcoin. He sued those who doubted this fact. At the same time, Wright could not prove that he is Satoshi. The court refuted his claims, since no valid evidence was provided.

Why did he take someone else's name

Apparently, it was the desire to earn that made this person claim for others' merits. The Wright-supported Bitcoin SV (BSV) cryptocurrency on the Huobi Singapore Exchange rose from $ 61 to $ 195 in just a few hours. It added 200% after it was announced claims to the "White Paper" of Satoshi.

Bitcoin Cash SV was singled out after hardfork Bitcoin Cash, but the new asset could not be kept on top. Not all trading platforms agreed to list it, as a result of which a significant decrease in price was noted.

Bitcoin ABC won the battle for hashrate, and now Craig Wright is forced to catch up with a competitor. Sadly, instead of improving technology, the company is built on aggressive public relations. Even more sad is the fact that such a strategy gives good results.

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