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List of cryptocurrencies with the highest capitalization

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The higher the popularity of a digital coin, the more reliable investment of capital it is. To provide readers with objective information, they are invited to list of cryptocurrencies by market cap and market share. To be sure, 80% of all funds invested in ten assets. We add that the ratio of invested capital is constantly changing, and give the data for the beginning of autumn 2018.

First place

In the first place in terms of capitalization is bitcoin, with 54% invested in it. It became a leader in a number of indicators, although it also has its disadvantages. Its algorithm was developed ten years ago and already lags behind others in the speed of data processing. One transaction takes up to 30 minutes. This does not allow to call bitcoin a modern payment system.

But this asset has an important advantage. It was recognized in the financial community and became a familiar trading tool. The BTC / USD and BTC / GBP contracts became popular both in short-term trading and long-term investments.

Second place

The second place is occupied by the development of Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum, market share cryptocurrency at 12%. The peculiarity of this site is that it is possible to carry out the initial coin offering, ICO. Investors even before the project realized its prospects, and for 42 days gathered at the crowdfunding several tens of millions of pounds.

Now the capitalization of Ethereum is about 15 billion pounds. Such a rapid rise was the result of a good commercial idea. It is thanks to this platform that several thousand ICO have been conducted on the market. Now for the issue of tokens that replaced stock market shares is spent several weeks and a couple of hundred pounds. Millions are collected in the most successful projects.

Third place

Initially, cryptocurrencies were created as a means of payment to facilitate settlements. But with the increased number of operations, the algorithm began to fail. Therefore, the cryptocoin Ripple was created. Now its share is about 5%, which brings the asset to a confident third place in terms of capitalization.

The basis for the Ripple algorithm was the ledger, which increased the processing speed of information. Unlike many other coins, big business was interested in this algorithm. Due to the use of the blockchain, it has absolute reliability of data storage. But at the same time, one transaction takes only about 3-5 seconds.

The platform developed in 2012 allowed to issue tokens, to develop new projects. The algorithm allows not only to exchange coins. It's great for accounting for any information. On its basis, you can create platforms to monitor any activity. For example, it is here that the creation of a real estate market or telephone conversations is allowed.

Fourth place

The appearance of Bitcoin Cash among the cryptocurrencies has become a necessity. In 2017, bitcoin transactions were delayed for several days due to the limited block size of 1 megabyte. The cost of one payment rose sharply, which jeopardized the whole idea of the blockchain.

And then the hard fork was held, a new Bitcoin Cash coin appeared. It has only one difference from the previous one - the block size in the blockchain has grown to 32 megabytes. Everyone who at that time had a BTC wallet, received another wallet with the Cash coin. Particularly miners were pleased with this division. The removal of restrictions increased the profitability of farms and asics.

Now the cryptocurrency market capitalization prediction shows the high probability of the appearance of new coins. But the share of each of them does not exceed one percent, and the list of places from the fifth to the tenth is subject to constant changes.

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