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Different Ways to Buy NEO Cryptocurrency

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NEO happened to be the first open-source blockchain project based in China, launched in August 2017 with the filing of the developer Da Hongfei. But in fact, the history of the project began 3 years earlier. In 2014, Da Hongfei created OnChain, a blockchain company in Shanghai, and created AntShares.

The associated cryptocurrency was named the same way, and for the exchange ticket, the abbreviation ANS was chosen. The main task of OnChain is the creation of a new financial system that will unite the real and virtual economies. Smart-contracts were chosen as the main tool for such a merger, and ANS was the unit of payment for the execution of these contracts.

This research was able to attract a lot of attention back in their homeland. Because of the emphasis on smart-contracts, ANS was even called the Chinese Ethereum. Inspired by the success, the developers decided on a desperate step - a complete rebranding. New technical documentation was written, blockchain nodes were updated, the site was changed and a massive ICO to raise funds for the launch of an updated and improved ANS was conducted. In September 2016, NEO was created - a brand-new cryptocurrency, which, according to the creators, might be able to surpass Ethereum.

Different Ways To Purchase NEO

On the official website of the cryptocurrency, you can download different versions of the crypto cell for the storage of NEO. To do this, click on the tab with three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, select the “Client” tab and load the desired crypto cell:

  • NEO GUI - is a heavyweight wallet, sharpened exclusively for Windows OS (from version 7 and on).
  • CLI - is a desktop wallet for programmers and advanced users. Installs on Windows and Linux.
  • NEON - is a simple, functional and easy-to-use wallet for OSX, Linux and Windows.
  • NEO APP - is a mobile application for Android (only for OS from 4.0.3 and newer). It is not particularly popular, as it often freezes or does not work correctly.
  • Tracker and Wallet - are online wallets that are only suitable for temporary storage of a small number of coins.

Of all the listed crypto wallets, only NEON was created by third-party developers. But this particular wallet is advised by the NEO developers themselves.

About half-a-year ago, one could only purchase some NEO on the exchanges that were based solely in China, more specifically - Binance and KuCoin. Nowadays, NEO has become much more popular and is becoming available here and there, that’s why now it is available on the following:

  • Binance (for USD, BTC, ETH, and the Binance Coin internal digital currency);
  • Cryptopia (for BTC, Lightcoins, and Dogecoins);
  • Bitfinex (for USD, BTC, and ETH);
  • HitBtc (for USD, BTC, and ETH);
  • (for USD, BTC, and ETH);
  • KuCoin (for BTC);
  • Bittrex (for BTC).

The most advantageous way of purchasing the coins is by using Binance. The latter is considered to be an exchange which supports most of the existing currencies. It ranks first in the world in terms of NEO trading volume and offers users a lot of bonuses. For example, GAS is automatically charged for the purchase of NEO, and no commission is paid for the withdrawal.

How Else Can You Buy NEO

Binance provides a possibility of crypto-trading, however, there are still other means and ways to purchase NEO:

We’ve already mentioned the possibility of purchasing NEO for ETH bunch of exchanges, for example, Binance. The process is pretty much the same with the only difference that you have to choose BTC instead of ETH.

  • With credit/debit card

Currently, there is no way a person can proceed with such a purchase as it’s simply not supported. Buying a BTC on some popular exchange, like Coinbase would be the right thing to do. As soon as you have a BTC, you can convert it to NEO or simply put, buy NEO for BTC.

  • From bank account

Residents of the United States, Europe or Australia have a possibility to purchase any kind of cryptocurrency on the websites which support this kind of transaction. You already know what to do next - go to Binance and buy NEO.

  • Via PayPal

It’s not possible to accomplish this goal directly. All you can do is first use your PayPal to buy any other kind of currency like ETH or BTC and then using them to proceed with the acquisition of NEO through any kind of exchange you find suitable.

  • Fiat money/USD

Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy NEO coins for any kind of cash directly as there are no ATM’s alike Bitcoin’s BTC-ATM’s. The only way to use cash for purchasing NEO coins is to firstly buy BTC and then convert them at any exchange that supports NEO and is available for you. Surely this is less convenient as it’s related to higher commissions.

Is NEO Worth Investing In

Although many users are unhappy with OnChain policies, most experts agree that NEO is very promising and has a bright future. Where did such confidence come from?

  • NEO already offers innovative technical solutions that make the usage of the platform more convenient.
  • NEO uses the top-notch application of smart-contracts, which is considered to be the future of the entire blockchain.
  • NEOs invest their money to world-renowned corporations: Microsoft, Alibaba, HyperLedger, LegalChain, Wings, and others. Work is already underway to create a global investment fund NEST FOUND, thanks to which even more capital will flow into NEO.
  • OnChain is confidently pursuing the course of legalizing digital money and, according to analysts, has every chance of making NEO an official means of payment in China.

NEO’s capitalization on the market is constantly increasing and steadily holding in the world ranking of cryptocurrencies. Many expected that by the middle of 2018, the price of the coin could grow to $100, but the other day it had already crossed the mark of $130. Analysts are confident that this year the course will definitely reach 300-400 USD. Experienced traders say they will not be surprised if in the next few years the price rises to 2 thousand USD. It is already clear that NEO is an outstanding way to invest money.

So far, the course is adjusted, and in the coming months, the price may periodically fall by 20-30%. And this is the best moment to buy a promising cryptocurrency at a low price. Experts advise to sell assets in a year or two, or even later when the price reaches a peak level.


Since all of the mentioned methods of purchase is doing that for BTC, it is not so important which method you choose. If you already have BTC or ETH, it is possible to proceed and change them, and thus save time and not pay a commission for extra transactions. It is more important to know how to store NEO in the best possible way as it can help you earn more profit. And there is one, as most people prefer to store NEO in their NEON wallet because it will be generating GAS tokens and increase the total cost of cryptoactive assets.

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