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Bitcoin price prediction today: how is it formed

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Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency. It remains the most expensive and popular. Appeared in 2009, then one coin was worth a few cents, now several thousand dollars. Many analysts expose Bitcoin price prediction today. It is simply impossible to predict the future of the currency unequivocally.

Each analyst, making up for bitcoin prediction for today, makes assumptions, based on some information, his own knowledge of crypto-currencies. But even such conditions limit the possibility of assessing its future value. If we consider the dynamics of changes in the exchange rate for some periods, it is difficult to draw conclusions about the further development of events. 2016 was calm for it, it changed gradually. 2017 will increase the cost by three times. Then it got a little cheaper and grew again. The rapid growth of 2016 was predicted by few analysts, some in general doubted its ability to survive, as many governments wanted to limit its appeal. In Russia, legislation wanted to ban it, but the miners did not stop, they continued to actively mine it.

Because of what bitcoin does not become more expensive?

Today bitcoin prediction is formed on the basis of a set of data. There are certain factors that do not give the value of the crypto currency to grow too much. The first of these is illegality. At the official level, crypto currency is not perceived at all, even though it is excessively popular among users. That is why the miners are engaged in exchange resale bitcoins. There are other factors that stop the growth of the value of the crypto currency.

Speculators are people who focus on getting maximum profit when selling bitcoins on themed services. What happens? The fall of the rate due to speculative actions makes the bitcoin market pitted. This category of users "overheats" the market in difficult periods for cryptocurrency. In such conditions, bitcoin prediction today cannot be sufficiently reliable. The market becomes unpredictable, capable of behaving extremely unexpectedly.

The complication of mining has a deterrent effect on the course, although it may seem that everything is different. This is due to the fact that after some time, bitcoin mining will become so complicated that ordinary users will be simply squeezed out because of the need to use powerful and expensive equipment. Because of this, the market will be represented only by single farms that are able to become monopolists and restrain the growth of the rate or even dictate their conditions.

Bitcoin is far from gold and other valuable metals, although many miners use this comparison. People try not to store their savings in it, but resell it as soon as possible and more profitable.

All of the above demonstrates that the rate cannot constantly keep on the same level or grow continuously, and the excitement around the crypto currency plays a role.

Factors that increase the rate

If we form bitcoin price prediction today usd, then it should be noted that the value of the crypto currency is directly dependent on demand. The more popular it becomes, the more people are willing to pay for it. Bitcoin is used not only online, but also outside the network, so its popularity does not fall, but rather increases.

Forming the forecasts of the course for today, tomorrow or long-term perspective, it is important to take into account all the moments and factors that influence, as well as assess the market's requests. It was noted a direct relationship between the increase in searches for bitcoins and the growth rate, so demand continues to give rise to the proposal.

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