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Bitcoin forecasts from optimists and pessimists

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Blockchain divided the society into those who believe in the future of bitcoin, and those who see only incomprehensible figures in it. If we take the future of bitcoin 3 predictions from experts, it is always possible to distinguish optimists from pessimists. Although there are those who have not yet determined their opinion.

Why the blockchain divided the expert community

At the beginning of the XX century, the car was an exotic mean of transportation. Their number was measured in units. But horses were met at every step, and their livestock was measured in tens of millions. When the first cars appeared on the roads, they were awkward carts with a huge number of technical problems.

Approximately the same situation we have now with the blockchain. Exchange of money and purchase of goods in a traditional way is worked through to the smallest detail. The procedure is simple and automatic. But it is very difficult to buy something for bitcoin or Ethereum.

Therefore, most experts prefer not to pay close attention to the new asset. And this point of view has real justifications:

  • it is not known exactly which digital coin will become popular, and which will exhaust its capabilities;
  • the deadline for the implementation of new technologies is unclear;
  • it is also unclear on which path the progress will go.

Awareness of these factors forces a significant part of investors to be more cautious. Often bitcoin prediction experts give the information with a widespread in numbers and time, because they do not have enough data for analysis.

But there is a significant part of specialists who are confident in the future of bitcoin. And there is the no less impressive army of opponents of the blockchain. On closer examination, it becomes clear why these people are so fiercely defending their positions.

Pessimists of the blockchain and cryptocurrency

We will return to the beginning of the XX century again and remember that the car had a large army of opponents. Breeding horses was a huge industry. It involved not only the owners of the stables. Suppliers of feed, harness manufacturers, manufacturers of coaches and diligence have lost their business.

A similar situation can happen in the case of the mass distribution of the blockchain. Banks, legal offices, financial organizations and even governments can lose much of their power. That is why the opponents of the blockchain should be sought precisely among representatives of these organizations.

However, for the years 2017-18 the situation has changed somehow. Businessmen and authorities realized that it would be more profitable for them not to provide the hard opposition. Otherwise, there is a chance to get a serious technological backwardness. However, each bitcoin expert advisor understands that the world financial system is already changing. And not always the bankers of the classical school understand the essence of the events. Therefore, their comments on the fate of bitcoin look pessimistic.

Optimists and supporters of the blockchain

The opposite are active supporters of new technology. Among them, the founders of crypto exchanges or developers of cryptocurrency are often met. It is clear that without confidence in the success of their undertakings, they would not develop anything.

From this site, every expert advisor for bitcoin trading recommends storing digital coins. And the forecasts show the price of a pair of BTC / USD in 100 000 and even a million pounds.

Now it is almost impossible to say exactly how much bitcoin will cost. Weighted estimates suggest that we will not see its rapid growth. However, a critical fall is not expected. The price of crypto coins is still in making, and there will be significant obstacles on their way.

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