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Bitcoin News: First Appearance and Last Years’ Tendencies

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October 31st marked the tenth anniversary of the creation of bitcoin crypto – the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto unveiled the principle of the digital currency network, which was supposed to become an alternative to the centralized banking system. During its existence, the electronic coin has gone from being labeled as ‘entertainment for geeks’ to getting into the top 5 most valuable currencies in the world.

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Last year, Bitcoin and other cryptos caused a huge stir in the financial world. Some investors strongly believed that bitcoin could become a reliable mean to invest and save real-life money. In the beginning, this impression seemed to be justified, against the background of rapid growth, but then a gradual decline in the cost of bitcoin began. Then the price of BTC fell by 35%, but soon recovered and continued to strengthen.

By early December 2017, the digital asset has risen by 55%, exceeded $16,000 and with the capitalization of $270 billion entered the top 5 biggest currencies in the world. The excitement around the electronic coin and its analogs continued to grow promptly, and major financial investors began to participate in cryptocurrency transactions. Thus, in mid-December of the same year, Chicago Mercantile Exchange launched trading long-term contracts for bitcoin.

In October 2018, digital money once again lost a significant part of the price. Only the value of the hard fork of BTC– Bitcoin Gold – has increased by 4%, and the price of the TRON Token has not changed. Besides Bitcoin, cryptos like Ethereum, XPR, Litecoin, and others fell significantly; the capitalization of the industry practically dropped to the level of $200 billion.

However, as of November 6, 2018, the total capitalization of the crypto market increased by 4.679 billion and amounted to 211.8 billion dollars. The daily trading volume of the cryptocurrency market increased by 3.526 billion to 14.579 billion dollars. The total capitalization of BTC exceeded 112 billion dollars. The latest Bitcoin news reports the BTC to USD rate at the level of 6,429 USD (November 6, 2018).

Bitcoin Crypto: Gold or Bitcoin?

Many BTC investors are still confident that this digital currency can become an alternative to the gold in the nearest future. However, Morningstar analyst Kristoffer Inton gives several arguments why this may never happen.

Bitcoin (icon)

To find out if cryptocurrencies can really act as a safe investment asset and to choose between gold or Bitcoin, Inton checked the features of the digital currency. In his research, he focused on such characteristics as:

  • liquidity;
  • functionality;
  • market offer;
  • future demand;
  • durability.

According to the expert, the weak point of cryptocurrencies is their functionality, which means e-currencies cannot be considered as a safe asset for investment. Most users see digital cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for online transactions. Therefore, Bitcoin and other cryptos won’t replace traditional methods of payment in everyday life in the foreseeable future.

An asset with high volatility is unlikely to act as a ‘safe haven’ asset. Since the beginning of 2018, the BTC cost has experienced some drastic changes, while the price of gold has fallen by 12.4%. Yet, even despite the decline in the value of this precious metal, numerous analysts (for instance, Bank of America Merrill Lynch) talk about the good perspectives of gold.

DENT Crypto: Digital Currency in the World of Mobile Services

DENT Company was founded in 2014 by Hong Kong businessperson Tero Katajainen, who intended to create a new platform for the users of mobile services providers. Only at the beginning of 2017, new developers joined the project and managed to bring DENT to a new level.

Bitcoin (icon)

The DENT platform is focused on the community of mobile users and allows the exchange of traffic. Now it is possible to safely sell, buy and distribute the available relevant data through the auction platform. In the first quarter of 2018, DENT apps for Android and iOS were developed and released. Soon after, the company launched DENT crypto and DENT database, with the help of which app users get coins for viewing ads.

DENT Coin News Today: Fall 2018 Tendencies

By now, there are 17,241,387,101 DENT coins in circulation with a capitalization of almost $46 million. In mid-August, the minimum price of the DENT coin was at the level of 0.00000023 BTC, after which the rate rose by 150% and during the next week dropped by 110%. Analysts believe that this tendency could be connected with some market manipulation.

Experts emphasized that cryptocurrency is difficult to trade due to unstable trading volumes and low liquidity. Long-term perspectives of the DENT project, despite the operating platform and the original idea, are somewhat questionable, analysts conclude. Talking about DENT coin news today, the cost per one DENT coin is 0,00000040 BTC or 0.00264472344958 USD.

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