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Articles list

  • cryptocurrency_investor
How to buy a cryptocurrency for the ordinary investor
Another rise in the price of cryptocurrency assets again makes the question of where to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum again.
  • blockchain_bank
The development of the blockchain in the banking business
The sphere of banking service is among the most conservative, however, new technologies penetrate here. Blockchain-based financial products are increasingly becoming available to their customers. So, Societe Generale Group has already launched its own tokens-bonds worth $ 112 million.
  • purchases_pay_bitcoin
How to pay for purchases with fiat money for cryptocurrency
The operator of cryptocurrency payments Moon offered its customers a new service.
  • JPMorgan_Quorum
JPMorgan Chase Report on Quorum Information Network
Back in 2017, JPMorgan Chase launched its Quorum interbank settlement information network.
  • bitcoin_blockchain_commission
Commission for transfer of funds in the blockchain
Over the last month, the cost of transferring funds via the bitcoin blockchain has increased dramatically.
  • cryptocurrency_blockchain_finance
Government finance, cryptocurrency and blockchain
The Asia Times agency reported that three countries in the region are studying the topic for issuing government bonds in bitcoins.
  • price_bitcoin
Forecasts of experts on the cryptocurrency market
According to Venzez Casares, in the next decade, the price of Bitcoin could rise to a million dollars.
  • investors_cryptocurrency
Institutional investors & cryptocurrency market
Although the year 2018 was not the easiest for the cryptocurrency market, institutional investors and private funds showed great interest in these assets.
  • FATF_cryptocurrency
Regulation of the cryptocurrency market in terms of FATF
In late March, the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering proposed its own version of methods for regulating the cryptocurrency market.
  • Cryptojacking_hacker
Cryptojacking and hacker threats
Once again, experts call cryptojacking the main threat to companies' computers and ordinary users.

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